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TECH-MAG  is committed to providing the most reliable, precision engineered, well crafted, sealless mag-drive pumps to meet industry's most demanding requirements while complying with zero emissions regulations as defined within the 1990 EPA Clean Air Act.  By supplying heavy-duty, premium pump designs constructed to the highest quality standards, TECH-MAG strives to promote the highest reliability and safety in the workplace along with consistent long term performance.  We stand with our customers by providing a performance guarantee for the recommendations we make for approved applications, combined with our limited product warranty.


No Leaks - No Corrosion – No Maintenance – No Downtime            


TECH-MAG mag-drive pumps are able to run your processes free of leaks, contamination, and unnecessary costly process interruption.
Avoid costly environmental fines along with the expense and labor of constant monitoring.  Eliminate chemical releases by operating 100% leak-free.

TECH-MAG mag-drive pumps are constructed of a wide variety of materials to satisfy specific process requirements for corrosion and temperature resistance.

TECH-MAG Pumps - Your Complete & Comprehesive Source for Seal-less Mag-Drive Pumps

TECH-MAG  is committed to the highest quality standards to protect your process, preventing costly maintenance and lost production time.  Over 40 years of experience in applying mag-drive pumps, we have acquired our experience and success from decades of solving thousands of the most difficult and challenging applications. Our broad range of pump designs allows for the most ideal match of equipment with service conditions to achieve efficient operation and maximum service life.  Low Flow / High Head services are among the most popular applications we are called upon to address.

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