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Having chronic problems with a pump?

Are you experiencing excessive maintenance, down time and lost production?  With each successive failure the odds increase that it is either the wrong pump for the job or a system related problem might exist.  Let us take a shot at solving the problem.  Designing a system?  Why not get it right from the start and avoid costly warranty claims, field service and unnecessary re-designs.  We specialize in assisting OEM customers in achieving the highest system reliability.

Need help finding the right pump?

After determining the root cause of any problem, the next step of finding a suitable replacement for replacing the unit.  The Tech-Mag program is among the most comprehensive range of mag-drive pumps available from any single source. This allows for properly matching the pump to the exact application. Tech-Mag products are available through an extensive network of the most technically capable distributors and factiory trained reps offering local service and support.


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-Comprehensive service is much more than routinely repairing worn or damaged equipment.​

-Being able to distinguish a mis-applied, improperly selected or mis-sized pump from one that is simply worn helps to guide our customers toward making the best and most cost effective decisions.​


-Our highly trained experienced personnel are able to determine the cause of most failures and can make recommendations for either equipment or system adjustments to improve performance and system life.

-Most repairs are completed within 24 hours of receiving authorization to proceed.

-Most returns for inspection are answered the SAME day as received.

With hundreds of designs to choose from we can help you determine the exact unit to meet your requirements with many years of trouble-free, maintenance-free, reliable performance.

TECH-MAG Pumps has been acquired by Seal-Less Pump Co.
513 Melville Street • Rensselaer, IN 47978 • Ph: 317-979-8020 •
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